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My Angel story began when I found this website. I have been purchasing items from LaSoula for the last several years and what I received is beyond beautiful. I will never forget the first item I received, at that time I was feeling down and not happy with anything and feeling God was not hearing my prayers, I asked for a sign. I opened the package and the first thing I see were the Angel wings, I started crying, I called the company and Kim answered the phone and we talked for a while, a week or so later I received another package with more Angel wings. I believe I was talking to an Angel on the phone, what a wonderful lady Kim is, she is someone I will not forget. Oh, and all the Angel wings go on my Christmas tree every year.

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Carol Zamora

Hello my name is Carol and here’s my story. On May 18, 1997 my daddy went home to be with the Lord, I know this isn’t an unusual story his death was untimely and not expected. You see his took his own life, little did we know he was hiding behind his smile and we as a family never expected it. He was a kind loving and hard-working man and would give you the shirt off of his back, so to wear this wings would be a blessing. May will be his twentieth years he has been gone. I would love to have a pair of angel wings to were to remind me that I will see my daddy again, I know not here on earth but in heaven. Thank you for considering me to wear your beautiful jewelry missing him in Albuquerque New Mexico Carol

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Abriana Welch

I would love to win these Wings for my generous and loving Nina to be (God Mother). I am having a Quinceañera (Sweet 15th Birthday) on March 25, 2017 and I would love to present her with this gift to say Thank you and to let her know that the gift represents that she is an Angel to not only me but to all of our family. My Nina is such a loving, giving and generous person who makes time for all her family and friends even though she has an autistic Son that she needs to care for 24/7. Her son Anthony was diagnosed with Autism and he is an 8 year old boy whose functioning as a 3 year old, but she does not let that stop her in anyway. My Nina Toni continues to move forward with such a positive attitude. She even started her own cake business that keeps her very busy but still makes time for her Son and her family and friends, including me. At times she cannot go out and enjoy herself because she will not leave her child with just anyone and if she does go out, her time is limited because she does not know how Anthony’s attitude will be on any given day. I know she worries about how he will function in the future as an adult but she lives day to day with such faith. I know she is an Angel to Anthony but also to me! I would love for her to wear the Angel Wings at my Quinceañera and I think this gift will let her know just how much she is appreciated and how grateful I am for all that she does for me.

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I have two angels watching over me. The first one is my Mother, she passed away 3 weeks after Christmas 20 years ago, which was also 5 months before my wedding. 20 years to the day my Father got sick and I had to leave my job to take care of him. He stayed with us for another 4 months but was ready to go and be with my Mom again. So this year for Christmas I have 2 special angels looking down on my family and I!!

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I stumbled upon La Soula angel wings on a major NY news anchor woman I was so drawn to it when she was reporting the nightly news.
At the time I was grieving silently about a loved ones death for over a year.
I always believed when loved ones departed they became angels and looked over us.
I reached out to Liz Cho from Eyewitness news and inquired about the necklace, she graciously told me it was a gift from another news anchor
Tory Johnson.
I reached out to Tory and she put me in touch with you Kim and your awesome company.
My Angel wings from La Soula is a beautiful piece people admire daily. A constant reminder of my " Angel in Heaven…..Pete❤️3
I’m so in love with your jewelry I’ve done some Christmas shopping for my daughter…

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Dawn Aho

In 1993 I found out I was pregnant with my second child. When I was 20 weeks pregnant, we had the normal ultrasound that everybody has. At that point we found out that our baby had a heart problem. We went on to a neonatal cardiologist and had an echocardiogram. This showed that our baby had a very small left ventricle. Our baby boy was born on November 10, 1993, he was a healthy 7 lbs. 11 oz. You would’ve never known that he had a heart problem. On November 12 he had surgery to correct one part of the heart. The surgery worked but as time went on we found out his coronary artery’s were too small and he could not sustain life on his own. On November 16, 1993, our baby went to heaven. We now have an angel in heaven and he would be 23 this year.

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My story is about my sister and her generosity. It began a few years ago when she was made aware of children that were in need of stem cells donation for the possible treatment of certain cancers. My sister submitted to the tests necessary and not too long after, she was informed that there was a match to her stem cells. They informed her it was not a child, but a gentleman with a very aggressive form of cancer, she did not hesitate and underwent the procedure for which she incurred much discomfort.
About a year later she was contacted by the gentelman’s family, they reached out to her to inform her of his passing, but more importantly to thank her for her generousity of heart and body. Because of her actions, they were able to spend another year with their father, a year that would have been impossible if not for her. They thanked her for the memories for which she helped to create and they called her their Angel.
We may yell at one another and get into arguments, but no matter what is going on, I’ve come to realize ( I guess I’ve always known) that she’s an outstanding person. But best yet she’s proven that her love and compassion transcends the bounds of her own family to be that of Guardian Angel to others, how blessed am I to know that I will always have her close and that I can call her my sister.

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My Mom passed in February 2008 unexpectedly. It was difficult for my brother and sisters and myself but we knew she wouldn’t want us to be sad. It was shortly after her passing cardinals began showing up in our yard, we never had them before. I took comfort knowing it was Mom letting me know she was still close by. Then in April, we lost our Uncle Bill. My Aunt Kate was devastated and we all hurt for her. It was too much too close together. On an unusually warm, calm day, the day after he passed, I was in the yard and I looked up and said “Mom, Uncle Bill is coming, please make sure you welcome him and show him the ropes!” All of a sudden there was a gentle breeze that came right over me and a cardinal flew right past me! I knew it was Mom letting me know she was taking care of Uncle Bill!

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I recently become a mother to an angel. My 22 year old son, Seth, passed away unexpected and unexplainably on April 8th – exactly one month before his 23rd birthday. Seth was a vibrant, red head who struggled with epileptic seizures. The only answer we have is SUDEP – Sudden, Unexplained, Death in Epliepsy. Seth was full of life and lived everyday! He was a dare-devil jumping out of air planes, snowboarding, riding quadrunners…etc. We are not looking forward to this holiday season without him. Our family is broken. He’s my middle son so I have to carry on for my older son and younger daughter. But it will be very hard. I miss him every second of every day. My only comfort is that I now have an angel in heaven looking over all of us.

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Anonymous_ Dec 06, 2016
My family has always believed in angels. Two years ago my husband passed away. His passing was very unexpected- we believed he was an angel and would look after us. My daughter is the sister-in- law of Kimberly DeTomasis and I loved her angel wings necklace. I ordered one for my daughter for her birthday. Somehow I misplaced the necklace and I could not find it to give my daughter. I searched for many days- with no luck! Sadly I resigned myself that I must have thrown it away!
We have celebrated my husband’s life on the anniversary of his passing and this year, as I was getting the leaf for my dining room table, from under the bed, I noticed a UPS box was on it. I couldn’t imagine what it was??? Yes – the missing angel wing necklace- how blessed I felt and needless to say my daughter was delighted!

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Kimberly DeTomasis

Kimberly DeTomasis _ Dec 06, 2016
I received my wings when I lost my child. It was raw. It was real. It was hard. It was unbelievable, and further more… Devastating.
For the past week (Summer 2016) as I begin to write this, I’ve found myself writing messages about my journey on Super Large Post It notes and have hung them in my work studio so I can read them daily. I am looking around my walls, at my words, and would love to share them with you. Christian’s death impacted me greatly. He is my son. And he has shaped me as person and has left a larger than life, LIGHT, and ENERGY, into my existence through his death.
Christian died 13 years ago and I held my child lifeless. I was changed forever and I knew it instantly. And I didn’t want to change forever but I didn’t have a choice. I was thrusted into an uncomfortable change and a new normal of life that I had to learn to live. It purely sucked on every level. The pain was unbearable that I don’t have any words to describe it. I can say, that as early as hours and days and weeks that went by during that time, I truly went thru an AWAKENING.
I knew exactly where Christian was. He wasn’t physically with me but he was EXISTING… Loud and Clear. He had no gender. He wasn’t a baby any longer. He wasn’t at his grave site. He is purely existing as his soul.
This is also where the TRANSFORMATION took place of leaving this world and changing form and becoming something of a light force…an energy… a new existence.
At that time, I too felt where his “new home” was… for I had one leg in this physical world that we live in, and one leg in his “new world”. It was a place of peace and light and pure love. I’m not imagining this as my husband could describe the exact same thoughts and feelings to me. I will never forget the morning we were standing in our bathroom that we shared and somehow looking at ourselves in the mirror and miraculously both saying at the same time, that we couldn’t recognize ourselves. We were literally wearing our insides, out.
It shocked us.
It was undeniably wearing our souls on the outside. We couldn’t recognize our physical appearances. It was the REAL us. Like we had shed our outer shells.
I was, and am, on the greatest spiritual journey of my life. Christian is my greatest teacher as his soul has taught me so much and continues to teach to me something new everyday about light, life, love, the Universe, being universally connected, God, unspoken guidance, passion, learning how to FLY and soar, purposes in the pain, and learning to overcome my obstacles that I create myself, as they are NOT REAL!!!!!!!
But Most importantly its taught me about “the soul”
What does that look like? and this too, I can hardly put into words… but I can talk about it thru symbolisms
And This is where La Soula was born.
I decided to start a diamond jewelry line wrapped around symbolisms of the soul and taking flight.
I was totally inspired about walking thru that hell and coming out the other side to complete awareness and beauty in life. It was all around me. It was my personal flight. It was “my fly”. There was nothing holding me back, even though I was told how difficult starting a DIAMOND line would be!!
There were no obstacles, I didn’t believe in them anymore… I flew over them.
There were no negatives… I had already lost it all once upon a time. The loss no longer existed.
What’s the worst that can happen? I fail? I lose money? These things may have stopped me once, as they do for MOST PEOPLE….But I’ve been changed forever. “No" is not an option and impossible isn’t a word in my vocabulary.
And so, we will share the collections that will tell the story of La Soula through symbols.
A story about the soul and taking flight.
We encourage you to share your story about your personal flight, whether it be through death, new beginnings, a divorce, a heartbreak, a job loss, a life change, an accident, a substance abuse, or ANYTHING that has a major impact on your soul..Join Us, Know this truth. Share this truth.
~La Soula
Kimberly DeTomasis

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