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I recently had my Big 50 Birthday!

A couple of them. :):)

One was a surprise and one was not. My Fabulous family threw me an amazing big brunch and my friends surprised the *#%@ out of me with a big dinner party!!

Turning 50 was actually one of my favorite birthdays I’ve ever had in life.

So many things happen to us as we get older. We appreciate things that we may not have appreciated in the past. The little things. The big things. Whatever might be big or small, the appreciation deepens.

I have many people in my life that I am so fortunate to have. My family, my friends, my amazing neighborhood, my community of friends, my Faith and My Unspoken Guidance that leads me, and grows stronger as my days go on and as I get older.

I’d also love to share a Birthday gift of paintings that I received from a very special friend that hit me in my soul and I will cherish them forever.
One is a set of angel wings to always remind me to keep my faith and fly.
And the other one are angel wings with stenciled UNSPOKEN GUIDANCE over the wings. This one reminds me to always follow my heart and gut. They never lie. You can visit these painting on my Instagram @lasoulajewelry. I love you Carolanne!!!!
If you’d like to meet Carolanne and her artwork , you can visit her Instagram account @thebeacheffect. She’s a special lady and I couldn’t be more grateful for her and the beautiful pieces of art she made for me.

I want to Send so much love to my family, and another special friend Maryanne, and ALL my Friends, my NeighborHood, and my community.. A BIG BIG thank you for being such an inspiration and important part of my life journey. Thank you for drowning me in love, gifts and even some AWESOME balloon art for my home! :):)

At the end of day, Im wishing all of you deepened appreciation for all the small and not so small things in life. The good, the not so good etc. It’s all about the SILVER LININGS. What are your silver linings today? Please click here and share with us!

With Gratitude and Love

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Hi and Welcome

I’m so glad you’re here.
I’ve been thinking about this BLOG for a long time as I started this business about 14 years ago and the reality is, is that Ive never met my customers and I WANT to!
I need to!
I would love for this blog space to become a safe haven for anyone who needs to share pain, grief or enlightenment in their lives. After all, it’s why I created this brand, La Soula.
A place where “The Soul” is alive and well, and to be able to express pain and happiness through my artwork of jewelry symbols through diamond jewelry.
I had a special angel to keep alive and to celebrate, and what better way than through a diamond? And So La Soula was born.
At the time, I was finding that the only way to express the grief was through the universe and how we ALL can actually relate, and that was through a universal understanding.
This might be hard to understand now, but the more we write, the more we can process this thing called life and death, and higher beings, and angels that truly exist.
I would love to invite you to read some ANGEL STORIES with and to please share yours. Remain anonymous if you’d like but help me to get to know YOU. We have a brand new site with an interactive blog so we can share!
Tell me about your story. The good and the not so good.
I’ve enjoyed this journey all these years and Im so glad you’re a part of it. YOU, are the only reason we are here.
And with that, I am full of gratitude that you’ve helped me heal.
With Light, Life and Love,


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Donna Zabit

My story is to honor my six yr old son who lost his young life to Leukemia. The common cold always would turn into pneumonia and after two years, I bulldozed over my neglectful pediatrician, Dr Diane Fountas, whom tried to convince me that he had “restrictive airways” due to his premature birth. Kyle Dylan was born 9.5 weeks premature at NYU while my now ex-husband & I we’re there for his cousin’s wedding. I went into full labor and Kyle was born 3lbs 2 oz. He fought so hard to pull through that and four years later got MDS, a white middle aged man’s pre-Leukemia due to the bags of blood his naive little body needed. He died at DUKE, under the best care, thank you all, Joanne Kurtzberg, Head of the Carolinas Bloodbank & Cord Blood Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant Center, I salute you! Kim D, it’s so great to see your face again! Salve was a long time ago! I live in Litchfield, CT w/ my three children. I would love to collaborate and creat a charm with you in honor of my baby boy! I’ll pm you my cell! Best Only!
Donna Zabit

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Donna Zabit

My story is to honor my six yr old son who lost his young life to Leukemia. The common cold always would turn into pneumonia and after two years, I bulldozed over my neglectful pediatrician, Dr Diane Fountas, whom tried to convince me that he had “restrictive airways” due to his premature birth. Kyle Dylan was born 9.5 weeks premature at NYU while my now ex-husband & I we’re there for his cousin’s wedding. I went into full labor and Kyle was born 3lbs 2 oz. He fought so hard to pull through that and four years later got MDS, a white middle aged man’s pre-Leukemia due to the bags of blood his naive little body needed. He died at DUKE, under the best care, thank you all, Joanne Kurtzberg, Head of the Carolinas Bloodbank & Cord Blood Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant Center, I salute you!

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My dad who has not been in my life since I was a child passed away in 2017. He had been in a very bad accident years before I was born, and had been married with a family once before as well. The accident left him in a slightly vulnerable mental state for the years to come. He was almost eighty years old when he finally passed in a hospital. When I go to the beach, one of his favorite places to be, I think about him and know that he is in a much better place now. He was one of the Angels in my life, and I know a few people wouldn’t be where they are in their lives without him! He was very smart, strong, talented, and a rare glimpse of the old school stern Asian parent.

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I saw The angel necklace on an anchor woman on a NYC news show, I was Immediately drawn to it. I emailed her, begging for info on the piece, Liz Cho was gracious enough to say it was a gift from Tory Johnson another news anchor, I contacted Tory who told me she featured your jewelry on Good Morning America, I purchased I had to Drive40 mikes one way to purchase it, see AAtvtge time I lost My soulmate to an unexpected death, I have NEVER taken it off since I purchased It.
Thank you

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I received a text message for a personalized necklace. I thought about putting my grandsons name on it. I asked my daughter-in-law if that would be “ok” with her and told her that it would also be a silent reminder of my grandsons “Angel Grandpa” who he is named after. She loved the idea! We lost him to ALS long before my grandson was born. I came to this site to see the necklace and was so surprised by the “Share your Angel Story”. The necklace was “meant to be”!

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Maria Ross

My story was that everyone should be thankful for who they are and there parents who ever you is what is pertty inside you love it thank you for reading this

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Anita Price

I went looking for my birth mother’s grave in Brunswick GA…not sure of any details except the year she died I was guided by an angel to take an unexpected detour off the interstate…little did I know then that her grave lay less than a mile away in a small Methodist Church graveyard. I had seen angel statues in other cemeteries and commented that is what I would like for my own. When I found my Mother’s precious grave, it was in pink marble granite with an angel statue at the headstone…Such healing and closure on a long awaited peace, she truly rests among the angels and one day I shall too.

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nice good

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Donna Zabit

Dear Kim,
I went to SRU with you and may have even shared the same dorm as you if my memory serves me correctly. I modeled FT while attending SRU and lived at Founders….maybe you did too??? I didn’t spend much time there in betw runway show from NYC to Boston, but I do remember you clearly as PT of Salve!

Mutual friends insisted that I reach out to you asking me to share my story. I’m
Unsure why they were so persistent for so long, but I finally agreed at this past year’s SRU alumni reunion.

So, here it goes:
I didn’t marry the love of my life in 1995. I should have followed him to Milan, but I promised my mother who worked three jobs to continue putting my brother & I through Salve that I would graduate!
I did, which may have been my demise.

I married the wrong person in 1998 and had four children with him. I chose the safe route bc he couldn’t possibly be with a traveling model girlfriend and married, became a teacher and had 4 kids.

I never left CT which was a serious mistake for me.

I gave birth to my mini-me first son, Kyle and he got diagnosed out of the clear blue sky with a pre-Leukemia at the age of 5.5 and died 7 months later at Duke on Dec 28th at the age of 6. I was 5.5 months pregnant with my third son at that time and put on elevated bed rest. My son died after chemo,radiation and three cord blood transplants, one from my newborn son which didn’t engraft.

My husband the. Decided to have an affair with my now 15 year

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I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night after a vivid dream. There was a small cherub angel who came to me and asked me to “Give her a kiss and a hug for me.” I instinctively knew who he was talking about without him saying her name. I asked him how she would know which angel he was. Surely, she knew others who had passed on. He looked up at me with his round face and loving eyes and said, “She will know because I share a birthday with your son.” I knew this meant something more than I could ever comprehend but, I was apprehensive to tell her. What if it meant nothing? What is their birthdays weren’t the same? What if she thinks I’m crazy! I agonized over it all weekend.

When Monday came, I went into the office. I didn’t say anything at first. Throughout the day, birthdays came up in conversation. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know when her young son’s birthday was but, thought it would be so strange if my dream was true. I didn’t say anything with other people in the room. Coincidentally (or not;), everyone else left and it was just Kim and I left in the office. I told her about my dream. She was intrigued. I have two sons. When I told her my first son’s birthday in May, she shook her head no. When I told her my second son’s birthday in April, she stood up and asked me to deliver the message with a kiss and a hug. It turned out that my son and the son she had lost shared a birthday. He was the cherub angel. He wanted her to have a kiss and a hug at this time in her life.
I promptly delivered the message. It was a moment I won’t forget. A message to a mom who lost her son. I felt privileged.
The mom also happens to be the owner of La Soula. She hired me a few months back when I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do. I’m certain now that this is where I was supposed to be. Like Kim always say, “Never doubt the curve of the earth!”

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Tracy Tatum

“Their wings were ready but our hearts were not!”
I bought my Angel wings necklace in September 2015 and have not taken them off since. My angel is my niece (like a daughter to me) Isabella Alise! She and her best friend Kylie were killed in an automobile accident when a Georgia State Patrol officer was going 91 in a 45, he had on no lights, no siren and was not going to a call. She and her 3 friends were coming back from a fast food restaurant at about 11:30 pm, she and Kylie her best friend were in the back seat. They made a left hand turn coming over a small hill (just large enough to be a blind hill) the trooper came barrelling towards them. My gorgeous Isabella was killed instantly and her gorgeous friend Kylie fought for 4 hours before dying from her massive injuries. Not a day or hour goes by since September 27, 2015 where I don’t think about my Beautiful Bella. She comes to me in dreams or in the colors of a beautiful sky. She would have been a senior in high school this year, she was 16 when she was killed and Kylie was 17. It is so hard to imagine the loss our families have suffered. Every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to be I hold up my angel necklace and kiss it, in a way it makes me feel closer to her. Thank you for making such a simple and beautiful necklace it will forever be with me.

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My angel came to me in a dream. I guess my story starts with my dream wish to go to college. In my dreams I was with two friends Jon and josh,we were in class ,I told Jon I was going to the ladies room. When I got on the elevator to go up three floors because the restrooms were out of order on the first floor. On e the door opens I walk out and this person dressed in a janitors outfit. He asked what I was doing there. I told him then he said I .use leave. I protested and he insisted I must leave,so I asked why. He said it was not my time. I said what time , so he went on to say he was my angel who was called Joseph. I said prove it. He went on by telling me about an incident that happened to me when I was seven. He asked me do you believe me now . I was stunned with his tale of my seven years of age. He was insistent that I leave that floor so turned around and left confused and scared. I remember crying and praying that all this was just a joke. He was tall with black curly hair and blue eyes. Then he appeared again one other time. I believe he was my angel because I have been struggling with the loss of a family member. He was there to console me.

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My story is two-fold. One, why the La Soula music note pendant means so much to me and two, my angel story.
My Dad passed this year. I am an only child and was very close to my Dad. I was also very close to my grandfather who passed in 1982. My grandfather was a prominent jazz guitarist from the 1930’s on. My Dad, who still had my grandfather’s guitars, told me in hospice to sell them. The one, which needed major restoration and did not hold a significant connection to me, I did sell to a collector in Ohio. The other, I could not let go. That guitar was a significant part of my life up until my grandfather passed and his music was silenced. For the guitar being 80 years old, it is in near mint condition. My husband asked what I was going to do with it. I told him I was going to do was it was made for – play it! I started taking lessons for about 5 months now. Music came somewhat naturally to me, I guess I inherited my grandfather’s musical gene. Playing his guitar has helped in my healing process and the music note is very special and dear to my heart.
After Dad passed, I was struggling with the thought of there not being eternal life after we depart this world. About four months after my Dad died, I had the most wonderful “dream.” I could feel my Dad standing behind the right side of me and my grandmother standing behind the left side of me. My grandfather was standing in front of our living room fireplace. Upon seeing him, I felt like I literally exploded with so much joy and love that to this day, I still cannot describe it properly. This was way beyond “I’m so happy to see a loved one that has departed in a dream” feeling. It was “explosive.” In my “dream”, my grandfather and I had a very interactive encounter. I woke up sobbing, but felt elated as well. About twenty minutes later, I was having breakfast and I happened to look into the living room from the breakfast bar and I saw the most beautiful glowing light about the size of a soccer ball right in front of the fireplace where my grandfather stood in my “dream.” It stayed for a few seconds and then disappeared through the fireplace wall.
Some may discount my experience and that’s okay. However, if it can bring one person comfort in their difficult time like it has done for me, then so be it. So, angels, divine intervention, spirits? Whatever my experience was, it has helped me heal and restored my faith as well.
Thank you La Soula for letting me share my experience. Merry Christmas.

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Sitting in dirt, with only a ripped shirt that draped my frail body sitting underneath the sun seeing children alike without a family or a home, is where I start my story. It has taken most my life to get to this point where I am able share it. I was born in a 3rd world country, my father died when I was a very young girl, my mother left with 3 children where women’s rights don’t exist and barely exist there even now. She did what she thought was best and she married another man and he did unspeakable things which I don’t care to share yet. But this is where my first angel had to have come in and saved me because I should have died many times at the cost of his hands yet I did not. She soon after gave me up for adoption, I was so hurt and confused at that time I did not understand what she was doing, it was out of love. I haven’t seen her since that day and its been many years. I lost the rest of my family that very same day and have never seen my brother or sister. At the orphanage, the Nun was so kind to me, she taught me that not everyone would hurt me. No one really wanted an older child to adopt and by some miracle I was which I like to think was another work of an angel. After I came here to America, they did not honor what they swore to the judge or the church. She too was abusive, broken bones and pain I still deal with to this very day but I look back and know that God was there and He sent angels to protect me because there is no way I should have survived. I have to believe everything works out for the best somehow, I still don’t know why I was chosen for such heartache except to help others with their pain. I put myself through college (with them laughing at me and discouraging me) and I am currently a nurse (back in school again), I enjoy taking care of the sick because some how helping them, feels like I am bringing some good into this world and my life was worth something for that day. I truly believe we have guardian angels. Someone told me that my parents are my guardian angels, they may not be here in real life but are in spirit. I don’t know if that is true or not, but I do believe they exist and God sends each of us at least one and more when we are in severe danger. I cut out a lot of this story because its pretty rough but I think you can get the idea. As much as I love your shop and your jewelry ( I bought bracelets when they were on sale) I share this more so that if there is someone out there reading this, that anything is possible and not to give up. I won’t lie and say everything is sunshine and roses, holidays are the hardest times for me because I don’t think anyone should be alone especially on Christmas. I still don’t have a family and that makes me very sad but I have to believe maybe one day that will change. I am trying to be content with what I have for I have so much than I have ever had in my life. A safe apartment and a refriderator with food and and clothes and shoes. I hope sharing a little bit of my story, may touch someone and know to keep moving forward and not to turn ugly no matter what stones are thrown at you. Because with those stones, you can build with them. We can be angels to others, just simple act of kindness or smile goes a long ways. You never know who may needed that. I read your stories and my heart goes out to you all. Wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and many blessings to come.
<3 Ruby

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Linda Cirenza

My angel is my daughter Marisa a.k.a. Sister Chiara. She is a Dominican Nun in the order of The Sisters of St. Cecelia in Nashville, Tn., a teaching order
. I have three children, she is my only daughter. She entered the Motherhouse (convent) August 2012. I don’t ever remember crying as much as I did the entire ride (9hours) home and all night. Visiting is limited and there is no communication via telephone or email… just letter writing twice a month. She was allowed one home visit after the first year and has not been home since. Her next home visit will be spring of 2017. She will receive her Masters Degree in teaching in 2017 and is already teaching at a Catholic School in Carmel Indiana.
Despite all the hardship of not seeing or speaking to her, she is truly a gift to our family. She prays daily for us and is truly our family angel. We are so proud of her and her vocation.

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Suzanne Villedrouin

Goodbyes are not forever
Goodbyes are not the end
They simply mean I’ll miss you
Until we meet again!
I lost my Mother to cancer (yes that horrible disease) in 2000. She was the light in everyone life especially my Daddy. Her smile would light up a room. Mother to seven children and somehow she made each one of us feel as if we her one true one and only love of her life. I remember the gave her 8 weeks when they diagnosed her so there was no time to accept what was happening it was a made scramble to make her as comfortable as possible. She is my best friend and always will be. We would talk about everything and anything and when every anything would get too bad a simple stroke on my head through my hair seemed to wash all the bad away. We did everything to keep my Daddy busy but six year later he past as well of a heart attack (a broken heart) We put them in their favorite place next to a creek under a big pine tree. I miss them more than i will ever be to express. After many many, many attempts of IVF we were blessed with my son Jack he has filled a part of my heart that i never thought could be repaired. He does not have Grandparents and i tell him on the day of the year that all children have their Grandparents visit that he is lucky because his Grandma and Grandpa are always with him always looking down from above looking out for him. Whenever we see a pink hue sky he says that it is Grandma smiling down at him.
I often pen letters to my parents and have a cry..
When the days wear long ad it seems I can barely hold on, I close my eyes and think of the two of you and just as the warmth of the sun touches my skin , I recall how the two of you have touched our hearts. I take a deep breath and sigh then i picture your smiles and remember your laughter. I think of how the two of you have showed us so much love, faith , hope and happiness. Proving that true love really does exist. My Dad had a Mantra for our family One Life One Love he would tell my my Mom every night before bed One Life One Love you are The Love of my Life…
I would be honored to wear angel wings displaying the Loves that taught me how to Love because when it comes right down to it that’s what we all really need when we are taking our last breath is how we loved through our lives and how we were loved.

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Mar Ellen Klein

My first born child, Danny, became my angel before his 8th birthday many years ago. He bravely fought leukemia for over 5 years before he died. I have come to know far too many “angels” in the years since we lost our precious son. I am now a proud grandmother of 3 beautiful and healthy children, but not a day goes by that Danny (and his fight) isn’t in my thoughts. My family belongs to a group (Kids Without Cancer) that raises research dollars for childhood cancers at our Children’s Hospital. If I were lucky enough to win the beautiful angel wings, I would add them to our Evening of Hope charity auction we hold every year. Thank you for your consideration.

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Julie Hildebrandt

It was December 27th 2014 and I went to my parent’s home to celebrate a late Christmas with my sister and her family and as we were walking to sit around the tree with the children running around my mother was walking and she fell to the ground and everyone froze except me. I got a pulse and she had labored breathing and we called the rescue squad and it was too late by the time they got there she passed away. She had just turned 66 and I was 35. I had the EMTs put her into bed and we laid with her and there was almost an out of body experience as if her soul was still in the room and she was there. I am just about to start my life and getting married for the first time in March and I do not have children and I wish so much that she was here. She is here she is my angel watching over me, I have your bracelet with the angel wing and I was wearing it when my mother passed and it’s very close to my heart and I still believe that she is my angle and my protector. I just with that when I talk to her now she could respond.
Thanks for letting me share my story of my mother that I think of and miss so much every day. Julie Hildebrandt

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