Donna Zabit_

Dear Kim,
I went to SRU with you and may have even shared the same dorm as you if my memory serves me correctly. I modeled FT while attending SRU and lived at Founders….maybe you did too??? I didn’t spend much time there in betw runway show from NYC to Boston, but I do remember you clearly as PT of Salve!

Mutual friends insisted that I reach out to you asking me to share my story. I’m
Unsure why they were so persistent for so long, but I finally agreed at this past year’s SRU alumni reunion.

So, here it goes:
I didn’t marry the love of my life in 1995. I should have followed him to Milan, but I promised my mother who worked three jobs to continue putting my brother & I through Salve that I would graduate!
I did, which may have been my demise.

I married the wrong person in 1998 and had four children with him. I chose the safe route bc he couldn’t possibly be with a traveling model girlfriend and married, became a teacher and had 4 kids.

I never left CT which was a serious mistake for me.

I gave birth to my mini-me first son, Kyle and he got diagnosed out of the clear blue sky with a pre-Leukemia at the age of 5.5 and died 7 months later at Duke on Dec 28th at the age of 6. I was 5.5 months pregnant with my third son at that time and put on elevated bed rest. My son died after chemo,radiation and three cord blood transplants, one from my newborn son which didn’t engraft.

My husband the. Decided to have an affair with my now 15 year

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I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night after a vivid dream. There was a small cherub angel who came to me and asked me to “Give her a kiss and a hug for me.” I instinctively knew who he was talking about without him saying her name. I asked him how she would know which angel he was. Surely, she knew others who had passed on. He looked up at me with his round face and loving eyes and said, “She will know because I share a birthday with your son.” I knew this meant something more than I could ever comprehend but, I was apprehensive to tell her. What if it meant nothing? What is their birthdays weren’t the same? What if she thinks I’m crazy! I agonized over it all weekend.

When Monday came, I went into the office. I didn’t say anything at first. Throughout the day, birthdays came up in conversation. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know when her young son’s birthday was but, thought it would be so strange if my dream was true. I didn’t say anything with other people in the room. Coincidentally (or not;), everyone else left and it was just Kim and I left in the office. I told her about my dream. She was intrigued. I have two sons. When I told her my first son’s birthday in May, she shook her head no. When I told her my second son’s birthday in April, she stood up and asked me to deliver the message with a kiss and a hug. It turned out that my son and the son she had lost shared a birthday. He was the cherub angel. He wanted her to have a kiss and a hug at this time in her life.
I promptly delivered the message. It was a moment I won’t forget. A message to a mom who lost her son. I felt privileged.
The mom also happens to be the owner of La Soula. She hired me a few months back when I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do. I’m certain now that this is where I was supposed to be. Like Kim always say, “Never doubt the curve of the earth!”

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Tracy Tatum_

“Their wings were ready but our hearts were not!”
I bought my Angel wings necklace in September 2015 and have not taken them off since. My angel is my niece (like a daughter to me) Isabella Alise! She and her best friend Kylie were killed in an automobile accident when a Georgia State Patrol officer was going 91 in a 45, he had on no lights, no siren and was not going to a call. She and her 3 friends were coming back from a fast food restaurant at about 11:30 pm, she and Kylie her best friend were in the back seat. They made a left hand turn coming over a small hill (just large enough to be a blind hill) the trooper came barrelling towards them. My gorgeous Isabella was killed instantly and her gorgeous friend Kylie fought for 4 hours before dying from her massive injuries. Not a day or hour goes by since September 27, 2015 where I don’t think about my Beautiful Bella. She comes to me in dreams or in the colors of a beautiful sky. She would have been a senior in high school this year, she was 16 when she was killed and Kylie was 17. It is so hard to imagine the loss our families have suffered. Every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to be I hold up my angel necklace and kiss it, in a way it makes me feel closer to her. Thank you for making such a simple and beautiful necklace it will forever be with me.

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My angel came to me in a dream. I guess my story starts with my dream wish to go to college. In my dreams I was with two friends Jon and josh,we were in class ,I told Jon I was going to the ladies room. When I got on the elevator to go up three floors because the restrooms were out of order on the first floor. On e the door opens I walk out and this person dressed in a janitors outfit. He asked what I was doing there. I told him then he said I .use leave. I protested and he insisted I must leave,so I asked why. He said it was not my time. I said what time , so he went on to say he was my angel who was called Joseph. I said prove it. He went on by telling me about an incident that happened to me when I was seven. He asked me do you believe me now . I was stunned with his tale of my seven years of age. He was insistent that I leave that floor so turned around and left confused and scared. I remember crying and praying that all this was just a joke. He was tall with black curly hair and blue eyes. Then he appeared again one other time. I believe he was my angel because I have been struggling with the loss of a family member. He was there to console me.

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My story is two-fold. One, why the La Soula music note pendant means so much to me and two, my angel story.
My Dad passed this year. I am an only child and was very close to my Dad. I was also very close to my grandfather who passed in 1982. My grandfather was a prominent jazz guitarist from the 1930’s on. My Dad, who still had my grandfather’s guitars, told me in hospice to sell them. The one, which needed major restoration and did not hold a significant connection to me, I did sell to a collector in Ohio. The other, I could not let go. That guitar was a significant part of my life up until my grandfather passed and his music was silenced. For the guitar being 80 years old, it is in near mint condition. My husband asked what I was going to do with it. I told him I was going to do was it was made for – play it! I started taking lessons for about 5 months now. Music came somewhat naturally to me, I guess I inherited my grandfather’s musical gene. Playing his guitar has helped in my healing process and the music note is very special and dear to my heart.
After Dad passed, I was struggling with the thought of there not being eternal life after we depart this world. About four months after my Dad died, I had the most wonderful “dream.” I could feel my Dad standing behind the right side of me and my grandmother standing behind the left side of me. My grandfather was standing in front of our living room fireplace. Upon seeing him, I felt like I literally exploded with so much joy and love that to this day, I still cannot describe it properly. This was way beyond “I’m so happy to see a loved one that has departed in a dream” feeling. It was “explosive.” In my “dream”, my grandfather and I had a very interactive encounter. I woke up sobbing, but felt elated as well. About twenty minutes later, I was having breakfast and I happened to look into the living room from the breakfast bar and I saw the most beautiful glowing light about the size of a soccer ball right in front of the fireplace where my grandfather stood in my “dream.” It stayed for a few seconds and then disappeared through the fireplace wall.
Some may discount my experience and that’s okay. However, if it can bring one person comfort in their difficult time like it has done for me, then so be it. So, angels, divine intervention, spirits? Whatever my experience was, it has helped me heal and restored my faith as well.
Thank you La Soula for letting me share my experience. Merry Christmas.

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